Get some rest, man!

Get some rest, man!Get some rest, man! *218r*What are the consequences of men long working day? We have already many times wrote about this, it only remains to add that in addition to chronic diseases, single men, we have problems in his personal life, because it absolutely is not much time left, and what remains is spent on restoring the body and sleep. According to an extensive study group of canadian scientists, three out of ten men, whose working day is not normalized, prone to insomnia, suffer from low immunity, drink a lot and smoke. In addition, all of these factors is not the best way affect the relationship with their spouses or partners. The amazing thing is that women are not particularly affected if delayed in the office and work above and beyond the norm. Perhaps this is connected with the fact that women prefer to work in shifts, to spend time with children. Men believe that they have no choice. Читать полностью -->

Occupational diseases

Occupational diseasesOccupational diseases arise from effects on the body of unfavorable factors of the production environment. Clinical manifestations often do not have specific symptoms, and only information about the working conditions of ill allow you to establish membership of pathology to the category of occupational diseases. Only some of them have a unique symptom complex, due to the peculiar x-ray, functional, hematological and biochemical changes. The common classification of occupational diseases does not exist. Received recognition classification etiological principle. On this basis, allocated to five groups of diseases: 1). Читать полностью -->

Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritisPSORIATIC ARTHRITIS (psoriatic arthropathy, psoriatic spondylitis) inflammatory joint disease in patients with psoriasis. Etiology, pathogenesis unclear. Arthritis often develops in distinct skin lesions, but parallelism between severity and course of the cutaneous and articular syndrome no. Arthritis may long precede the skin lesions or to take place at a single psoriatic plaques. The symptoms for. More common variant of the disease, resembling rheumatoid arthritis Distinctive features of psoriatic arthritis are: unbalanced nature of the lesion of joints, often the presence of affected joints purple-bluish color of the skin (with involvement of the joints of the fingers often develops periarticular swelling, exciting the whole finger - the finger in the form of sausages"), often the presence of sacroiliitis, and in some cases defeat other spine (spondylitis), resembling ankylosing spondylitis. Читать полностью -->

Psychiatrist Zaitsev Oleg Semenovich

Psychiatrist Zaitsev Oleg SemenovichPsychiatrist Zaitsev Oleg Semenovich Zaitsev Oleg Semenovich was born in 1962. Graduated from the medical faculty of the Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute in 1986, then an internship in psychiatry at the Central Regional Clinical psychiatric hospital, where he began working as a psychiatrist. The staff of the Institute of neurosurgery since 1990 - first as a doctor-psychiatrist, then since 1993 research fellow, 2000 and was appointed senior research fellow. Is the author of 114 scientific papers, mainly on the problems of neuropsychiatry and, in particular, psychopathology traumatic brain injury. Has two patents for inventions. In 1993 defended PhD thesis. Читать полностью -->

Green tea prevents cancer

Green tea prevents cancerNew data on the benefits of green tea has received European scientists during a long study of its impact on the human body. It turned out that green tea has great potential in the fight against cancer. Contained in green tea active chemical elements have a unique ability to stop in humans destructive activity of a special molecule that plays a significant role in the formation of cancer. This molecule has the ability to stimulate the work of the whole group of genes. However, often in the adult body, it plays a negative role, causing improper operation of the genetic mechanism that leads to uncontrolled cell growth and cancer. Scientists have discovered in green tea at least two unique chemical element that inhibit negative activity of this molecule. Читать полностью -->

smokers accumulate metals, affecting vessels

smokers accumulate metals, affecting vesselsInstalled that were previously considered safe and acceptable" doses of lead and cadmium can be dangerous to our blood vessels. According to Eliseo Guallar from Johns Hopkins University (USA) in persons with concentrations of lead and cadmium in blood on the upper limit of normal, three times more likely to have developed the disease peripheral arterial vessels than people in the blood which was on average figures. The tendency to increase the content of lead and cadmium were observed in older, poorly educated and Smoking subjects. It is known that cadmium is one of the main toxic substances in cigarette smoke. In this regard, the risk of disease peripheral arterial vessels in smokers increased four times compared with the control. Medicus.Ru. Читать полностью -->

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